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DesignationHeuers Moor Ost (No. 002)
Area size12,085 m²
City / districtLotte, Steinfurt
Map view
Location in germany
Location in germany
Location in municipality
Location in municipality
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Detail view
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Immediately available area
Available area within short term (< 2 years)
Available area within medium term (2-5 years)
Available area within Long term (> 5 years)
Not available area
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Living space
disposal/supply infrastructure
Other Area
Area size12,085 m²
Price75.00 €/m²
AvailabilityImmediately available area
Area designationCommercial zone
24h operationNo

Commercial zone
Industrial tax multiplier420.00 %
Price rangefrom 50.00 €/m² to 75.00 €/m²
Transport connections
[km] [min]
Freeway A1 2.0 5
Airport Münster/Osnabrück 30.0 25
Contact person
Mrs. Joana Watermeyer
Gemeinde Lotte
Westerkappelner Str. 19
49504 Lotte
+49 (0)5404/ 889-29